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Got Cramps?


  • Cramp Champ is the first of its kind all natural formula that helps relieve cramps and muscle tightness when taken orally.
  • Cramp Champ comes in a 2 oz. bottle, housing two powerful servings to be taken with the onset of cramping, muscle tightness or as a pre-workout supplement to help prevent cramping during strenuous activity.
  • Everyone suffers muscle cramps at some point during their lifetime. Cramp Champ immediately helps those who suffer from cramps anywhere, any time.

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Pre & Post

Cramp champ can help you limber up before a yoga class or help provide relief after a killer workout. The day after Leg day no longer has to be so painful.

All Cramps?

Night cramps
Leg cramps
NBA Finals cramps
Yes!! All cramps!
Get back in the game.

Back Pain

Tight back or muscle soreness? Cramp champ releases muscle tension and can help you get moving again.


 Drop us a line. We love to hear about your Cramp Champ experience and are happy to answer any questions.

Crowd Funding Campaign

With the help of we will be launching our crowd funding campaign with great prizes and rewards in the coming weeks. We are excited to become the premier solution for cramp relief but we need your help.

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